Vermont Computer Science Teachers Association
Essex-Westford students use code to control fun robots.

Meet Vermont CSTA Chapter Leader
Peter Drescher


"EWSD  Hour of Code Week activities include a number of robot programming opportunities: Dash robots, Ozobots, and Beebots rule in our elementary schools!"


Meet Vermont CSTA Member
Renee Langevin

"I love Bitsbox! Here are some videos that teachers can play and kids can follow along. The teacher may want to pause the video at each step so the students have time to type in the code.

What you need to tell students to start Bitsbox:

  • Go to Bitsbox

  • DON’T sign in with Google (you can code without creating an account)

  • Instead, click GET STARTED

  • On the second screen, click LET’S GO

Additional activity cards - scroll down to see them all (I recommend printing them out for students)"
Meet Vermont CSTA Advisory Member
Shannon Walters

" Using MIT App Inventor, students are introduced to coding through fake voices  providing a basic understanding of machine learning."
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