Ai For All Panel Discussion

Wednesday, May 3rd

Recording & Chat

Watch our fellow Computer Science enthusiasts share their thoughts in AI for All panel discussion! The panel consist of Vermont educators working with AI or thinking about AI in their schools.
Panel Members:
Elementary, Adam Brua - Technology Integrationist
Middle School, Ryan Dudley - Educational Technology Integrationist
High School, Charlie MacFayden - Digital Learning Leader
Leadership, Patricia Aigner - Chief Inspiration Officer
CSTA Chapter News
Looking for a way to start the conversation with your peers?  Start by viewing this conversation starter slide deck - AI - Tool or Trouble developed by  University of Vermont graduate students  Ryan Dudley and Maddy Pimental.  Ryan is a Technology Integration Specialist at Essex-Westford Supervisory Union, and Maddy is a graduate assistant at the University of Vermont.  Their slide deck offers an interactive tour stimulating conversations with Chat GPT and prompts for discussing Artificial Intelligence in schools and higher education. The interactive was created as part of a project for the UVM EDCI 325 course (Leadership and Technology) and used to start conversations about AI  with educators in Vermont schools.
Ryan and Maddy have given permission to share these slides under Creative Commons Licensing. 
About Vermont CSTA
Currently, the leadership of Vermont CSTA is Jennifer Fribush, Peter Drescher, Lucie deLaBruere, Tim O'Leary, and Kristen Wilson. We always seek people with some capacity and an interest in CS at any level to join the leadership team.
At the Vermont Agency of Education, Lisa Helme, State Coordinator of Education Technology, has been instrumental in collecting information about Computer Science in the state.