Orchard School students creating confidence with code
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Meet Vermont CSTA Chapter Advisory Member
Eli Rosenberg


"I Love Cuttle.xyz: It’s like Tinkercad for .svg design.

It's intuitive image creation software…easy to learn, but dig deeper: students can directly edit the code behind each object, use boolean operators to create stunning visual combinations, and add graphic flourishes that let new users create products with a professional vibe. Plus, the user community and tutorials are brilliant!"


Meet Vermont CSTA Chapter Leader
Lucie deLaBruere

"I love to introduce computer science by  Creating Code You Can Touch. Using Code  to draw a Design then convert it to an SVG that can be cut on a laser printer or vinyl cutter,  3D printed,  or embroidered encouraging students to “Make something meaningful” that they coded and want to keep of as an example of "hard fun.

I describe this further in this blog post, and
even include some Scratch Challenge Cards
you can print out

During Computer Science Week 2023, I challenged myself to learn to code using Turtle Stitch.  Turtle Stitch exports in a file format that allows you to add your design to an embroidery machine.  It also allows you to export your design as SVG graphic for meaningful making with your laser cutter or craft cutter."   You can read more about my process here.
Whether you integrate coding in your classroom, your library, or at events like robotic competitions - we APPRECIATE what you do to inspire students to learn computer science (THIS WEEK and THROUGHOUT THE YEAR).