Vermont Computer Science Teachers Association
 Update from Spring Conference


Thank you to everyone who attended our Vermont-CSTA Spring event.   If you missed the event or want to receive a copy of the recording, slides, and resources shared, please complete the following Recording & Resources request form

Door Prize!

Thank you to Vermont-VTVLC for donating an AI book to the following door prize winners

  • Colin McKaig  
  • Darcie Rankin  
  • Clarena Renfrew

Thank you to River Valley Technical Center and to Create Make Learn for donating a student created  LED lamp to the following door prize winners

  • Emmanuel Ajanma  
  • Emily Wood


And an extra loud shout-out to  River Valley Technical Center, student, Ayla  for coding and creating such cool  LED lamps using the Turtle Stitch coding to SVG platform.

Ayla first got interested in Coding using Scratch in Middle School and through After School Programs. She learned about her current CTE program during a Foundations class during her Freshman year, and couldn't wait until sophomore year when she could enroll in Ms. Wilson's CTE program. She  loves exploring all the new technology. 

Thank you to  Hakan Satiroglu, CEO and founder of XR Terra, for his introduction to Extended Reality (XR) and his vision for the future of AR, VR, and MR in learning.  


Hakan’s understanding of the role that XR is playing in all sectors of society and the rising need for  these industries to hire employees with skills they never needed before, such as 3D modelers, 3D artists, and designers” has made him passionate  about helping schools in two ways.  (1)  create programs where students learn to create, build, and use XR and (2) create opportunities for learning, teaching, and experiencing XR.

You can reach out to Hakan or Maura Griffith,  XR Terra Program Manager,  to learn more on how your school can partner with XR Terra


Thanks to presenter, Andy Teipen,  for updating us on the District Program.  Schools can get onboard with the district program with  free curriculum that’s part of a comprehensive CS pathway aligned to standards, accompanied by professional development and support for educators.

Learn more about the district program   by contacting Andy Teipen


Paul Shepard,  lead a Flash Session filled with Quick Techniques to Engage Students with STEM Using SAM LAB -  with blue tooth enabled sensors and actuators to create, make, and code solutions, stories, and sensory experiences. Paul invites any educators who want to learn more reach out to him or to sign up for a  SAM Labs free trial.

Special thanks to our Vermont educators for sharing their experience  with Physical Computing.
Darcie Rankin inspired us with stories from Detective Botley and the month long Coding Mystery that happens at her school. 

Tina Smith shared her experience using Lego SPIKES during after school programs.

Emily Wood described how her library brings coding to students through Lego robotic kits, Ozobots, Spheros, Makey Makey’s and more. 

Lucie deLaBruere, 
shared her recent exploration of creating with Code You Can Touch using TurtleStitch, a coding platform that exports designs you code ready to be embroidered, or cut by a laser cutter or craft cutter. You can try this for yourself using these  resources on her blog or learn with others at the Create Make Learn Summer Institute

Check out  the National CSTA Conference,
July 16-19 in Las Vegas

From Vermont AOE:  Contact Lisa Helme,

And more PD  opportunities from around Vermont


  • University of Vermont has received funding from the National Science Foundation EPSCoR grant to support grade 7-12 teachers interested in earning licensure in Computer Science Education. The grant will support full tuition for qualified teachers to enroll in an 18-credit graduate certificate in computer science education beginning in Fall 2024. The certificate program consists of 5 graduate courses specifically aligned to the VT Agency of Education Computer Science Endorsement Standards.

    For more information and a pre-application form, please see this link:
  • Create Make Learn Summer Institute a hands-on PD even with several STEAM related sessions,  a session on Code You can Touch,  along with a session on Creating with AI will be in southern Vermont this year.
    Aug 5-9 - Bellows Falls, Vermont. Register at
  • Community Engagement Lab is offering a summer PD course 
    Embracing AI in the Classroom with a  Project Design Lab
    June 24-28 in Burlington, Vermont


  • aiVermont's Education and AI Summit.  June 27
    aiVermont and its state partners are launching a 3-year AI literacy initiative with the “Education and AI 2024 Summit” for secondary teachers and administrators on June 27, 2024 at Hula in Burlington. $30 to register. Space limited to first 100. Details at